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How is the Oil-immersed Transformer Replenished?

Everyone knows that oil-immersed transformers work with transformer oil. Generally, oil-immersed transformers need to be replenished with oil. There are also many problems to be paid attention to in the process of refueling and replenishing oil for oil-immersed transformers. In general, how to replenish oil for oil-immersed transformers?

Ⅰ. Oil-immersed transformer oil replenishment

1. The oil replenishment of oil-immersed transformers should preferably use unused transformer oil that meets the new standards. Adding oils of the same base, same brand, same additive type works better. The properties of the oil should not be inferior to those in the equipment. When the new oil level is less than 5%, there is usually no problem. However, if there is a large amount of new oil, oil phase chromatographic analysis and pressure test should be carried out before filling the oil to confirm that there is no sludge precipitation, and the acid value and dielectric loss are not greater than the oil in the equipment.

2. In principle, oils of different oil bases should not be mixed. In special cases, if it is necessary to put different grades of new oil, it should be determined whether the requirements of the region are applicable to the mixed oil based on the actual measurement of freezing point, and then the oil mixing test is carried out. The results of the mixed sample shall not be worse than that of the single oil sample. Before running oil mixed with different types of new oil or being used in oil, in addition to mixing crude oil for freezing point determination, aging test and sludge test should also be carried out and observe sludge settling, the settling is not accessible, to obtain the results that the mixed sample should be run No original oil is so poor that it can be decided that it can be mixed.

Ⅱ. Safety facilities and equipment for oil-immersed transformers

The safety performance of oil-immersed transformers is a focus issue that everyone is more concerned about. The realization of the safety performance of oil-immersed transformers requires the support of certain safety facilities. Without safety facilities, oil-immersed transformers will not be able to play a greater role. Effect. What are the safety facilities of oil-immersed transformers?

1. Gas relay: when there is total gas, it will trip and cut off in time. 2. Switch protection relay: protection switch oil chamber. 3. Oil level gauge: When the oil level of the transformer drops to the warning value, it can send an alarm signal or trip in time. 4. Pressure relief valve: protect the oil tank of the main body. When an internal failure occurs and the internal pressure is too large, the pressure can be relieved in time, so that the oil tank will not explode. 5. Temperature indicating controller: When the oil temperature is too high, it will alarm or trip in time when it exceeds the warning value.

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