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Performance of the Mining Transformer

Many large-scale places have higher requirements for transformers. Mine transformers have the characteristics of low energy consumption and low noise, which are widely used in some shopping malls, gymnasiums, railway stations, airports, mines and so on.

The use of mining transformer needs regular maintenance to check whether all parts are in good condition. Because the mine transformer can adapt to a relatively humid environment, it is necessary to regularly check whether the parts of the transformer have corrosion and whether the operation is normal. The following is to introduce the characteristics of mine transformer.

The performance of mining transformer

1. low loss

2. The no-load current is low. Due to the excellent material of coil core and the characteristics of winding process, the no-load current is significantly reduced.

3. Low noise in operation

4. The mining transformer has strong short circuit resistance, and the transformer body is in the shape of a three-dimensional triangular prism. The tensile rods are arranged around, which are integrated with upper and lower iron yoke insulation and laminated wood blocks. It can effectively resist the axial and radial mechanical stress of sudden short circuit. It is widely used in power transmission and transformation system, hotels, restaurants, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, stadiums, petrochemical plants, subways, stations, airports, offshore drilling platforms and other places.

YueBian Electric Co., Ltd. can provide two types of mine transformers, one is KS9 6-10kv series distribution oil-immersed transformer, which has the advantages of small no-load loss, small no-load current and low noise; the other is KBSG9 series mine flameproof dry transformer, which has the advantages of high strength, low temperature rise, good cooling and waterproof performance and is easy to maintain. You can choose according to the demand.

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