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  • Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

Product Description of Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

The SCBH15 series amorphous alloy dry type transformer is a transformer made of an amorphous alloy. The metal atom arrangement of the amorphous alloy material is disordered and amorphous, and its demagnetization and magnetization process are extremely easy to complete, which is lower than the core loss of the silicon steel material, achieving high energy-saving effect. The eddy current loss of the transformer is proportional to the thickness of the core material and inversely proportional to the resistivity. The hysteresis loss is proportional to the area enveloped by the hysteresis loop. The amorphous alloy strip has a small thickness and a resistivity of about 3 times that of a cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. Therefore, an iron core made of an amorphous alloy has a much smaller eddy current loss than a core made of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. . In addition, the coercive force of amorphous alloy is much less than 4A/m, which is about 1/7 of that of cold rolled silicon steel sheet. The area of the hysteresis loop of amorphous alloy is much smaller than that of cold rolled steel sheet, so it is amorphous. The hysteresis loss of the alloy is much smaller than that of the cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. The core loss is very low, which is about 75% lower than the no-load loss of the traditional silicon steel core transformer. It is an ideal low-loss energy-saving transformer. Due to the low loss, the amorphous alloy transformer has less heat generation, lower temperature rise, and stable running performance.

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Due to the different voltages in each country, our company can design and manufacture according to customer requirements.


Execution Standard: IEC 726, GB1094.11-20018


1. Voltage Level: 6kV to 11kV;

2. Pressure Regulation Mode: no excitation voltage regulation 

3. Tap Range: ±5%, ±2X2.5%, ±3X2.5% 

4. Capacity Range: 100~2500kVA;

5. Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz;

6. Single Phase, Three Phase;

7. The Junction Group Label: Yyno or Dyn11 (or according to user requirements);

8. Short-Circuit Impedance: in accordance with national standards or according to user requirements;

9. The Use of the Environment: relative humidity of 100%, the ambient temperature is not higher than 40 ° C (or according to user requirements);

10. Cooling Method: AN or AF;

11. Protection Level: IP00, IP20, IP23;

12. Insulation Heat Resistance Grade: Class F, Class H;

13. Rating Plate: YUEBIAN brand or Customer brand.

Product Features of Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

•The iron core of the product is supported by the most advanced magnetics alloy amorphous alloy, which has superior performance and its performance index has reached the international advanced level. The biggest feature of amorphous alloy dry-type transformer: the no-load loss is one-third of the dryness of ordinary silicon steel sheet, the energy-saving effect is remarkable, and the product meets the national first-class energy efficiency standard.

•safe, fire retardant, can be installed directly in the load center.

•maintenance-free, easy to install, low overall operating costs.

•good moisture resistance, can operate normally under 100% humidity, can be put into operation without drying after shutdown.

•low loss, low noise, strong heat dissipation.

•according to customer needs, the shell can be configured, safe and beautiful.

Professional Service of Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

Pre-Sales Service: provide design consulting service in accordance with customer requirements, and provide separate design scheme according to different customer markets to make products more competitive.

After Sales Service:

• We can provide on-site installation instructions, commissioning and after sales service. (Fee-for-service)

• You will get free lifelong technical advice from our highly qualified engineers. This will give you a lot of confidence when buying from our company.

• We guarantee the ongoing supply and preferential prices for spare and wearing parts.

• Our highly qualified team of service technicians are well equipped to keep your transformer operating at high efficience at all times.

Production Process of Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

Specification of Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

Technical data of 11KV SCBH15 series resin insulation dry type transformer
KVA     Voltage VECTOR Impedance voltage LOSSES (W) No-load Current
GROUP (%) (%)
HV LV No-load loss Load loss
(kV) (V)
200 6 380 Yyn0 4 200 2530 0.9
6.3 400 Dyn11
10 415 Yzn11
10.5 433
250 230 2755 0.8
315 280 3470 0.8
400 310 3990 0.7
500 360 4880 0.6
630 6 410 5960 0.6
800 480 6950 0.5
1000 550 8130 0.5
1250 650 9690 0.5
1600 760 11730 0.4
2000 1000 14450 0.4
2500 1200 17170 0.3
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