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Electrical Transformer Maintenance

It is a fundamental requirement for transformer professionals to understand its working principles and the internal structure of the transformer itself. Before the repair work, the staff must be prepared to analyze the possible problems and prepare the various materials and tools to be used in the maintenance. At the same time, contact with the welder, the engineer, the chemical oil treatment personnel and so on the staff that may help, and let them coordinate work. A power outage should be conducted prior to the maintenance of the transformer, and the transformer shall be in a state of stop working, and adjust all the things accordingly as needed. At the same time, the staff should pay attention to their own clothes and other things, don't dress a lot of jewelry or other things on the clothes, and to ensure the safety, don't bring any other small devices, and avoid mistakes or things that are forgetted that affected the transformer maintenance and repair work.
When everything is ready, with the knowledge of the transformer, skilled technical, proficient skills, and light packing, the staff can start to repair work. Of course, always keep in mind the belief of "safety first" in the maintenance process.