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Promotion and Application of S11 Distribution Transformer

With the rapid development of China's power industry and the deepening of power grid construction and transformation, power users have higher and higher requirements for transformers and new requirements for the performance level of distribution transformers. In order to speed up the upgrading of products and meet the market demand, domestic enterprises have developed the upgrading product of S9 distribution transformer -- S11 series low loss distribution transformer. In the market, S11 oil type distribution transformer has been widely purchased.

2. Design idea

(1) S9 series low loss distribution transformer.

S9 series low loss distribution transformer is based on the experience of design and manufacture of 10kV distribution transformer. The main idea of design is to improve the level of products and enhance the reliability of products. Based on the original mature technology, many new technologies are used in the design.

(2) S11 series low loss distribution transformer.

The main idea of S11 series low loss distribution transformer design is to further optimize the design, improve the structure, reduce no-load loss and improve the product level compared with S9.

3. Structural features

S11 series distribution transformer core is a circular three-stage seam lamination structure. Some local improvements have been made to the insulation structure of the product, which has expanded the application scope of the high-voltage cylindrical winding, changed the effective support of the end faces of the high-voltage and low-voltage winding, and adopted the new clamping method of hanging plate and lead wire, etc. At the same time, some new materials, new components and new fasteners are used to make the products reach a higher level in performance and structure. S11 series low loss distribution transformers are divided into the following three types according to different core materials and structures:

(1) S11 series distribution transformer with laminated core structure.

Based on the structure and manufacturing experience of S9 type products, the S11 series laminated distribution transformers are developed, which adopt high-quality oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheet and new laminated form to improve the magnetic circuit structure. This series of products can make full use of the existing equipment resources in the production and manufacturing, without adding new equipment and new investment; the product structure has no big change compared with S9 products, can give full play to the original manufacturing experience, and is conducive to maintaining the stability of product quality.

(2) S11 series distribution transformer with amorphous alloy core.

Amorphous alloy material sheet is very thin, low magnetic density. Its hardness is 5 times that of silicon steel sheet, so it is difficult to process and shear. Generally, a good shear surface is obtained by heating the edge shear point, so the section of amorphous alloy transformer core is rectangular, and the corresponding winding is rectangular.

The core structure of single-phase amorphous alloy core transformer is a frame, and the structure of three-phase transformer is composed of four frames, which is similar to three-phase five column structure. Generally, the high-voltage connection group of three-phase amorphous alloy transformer is d connection method.

(3) S11 series distribution transformer with R-type core structure.

With the help of computer technology, the cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet is cut into a linear steel strip with continuous width change by a special computer-controlled curve rolling and shearing machine, and then it is wound into a closed core. Its section shape is approximately pure circle, so it is called R-core. The structure features of R-type core transformer made of this core are as follows:

Iron core

The core structure of three-phase R-type core transformer is composed of two rectangular cores with inner convex cross section and three-phase double frame coil cores with outer frame surrounded by outer convex cross section.


The high and low voltage winding of R-type core transformer is directly wound on the core column. Therefore, the layer type or screw type coil is generally used. The interlayer insulation is all made of grid point adhesive tape. The concentricity of the winding is good and the radial mechanical strength is high.

The body

The new winding end face of the body is used to effectively support the structure, and the hanging plate on the clamp and the hanging plate under the box cover are respectively provided with movable slot holes, so as to solve the problem of the hanging top box cover of the body.

The fuel tank

There are several types of oil tank, such as tubular radiator oil tank, plate radiator oil tank and corrugated oil tank.

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