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The Role of Step Up Transformer

The transformer's role in the power system is to transform the voltage to facilitate the transmission of power. After the step-up transformer boosts the voltage, the line loss, and the cost of power transmission can be reduced; besides, the purpose of long-distance power transmission can be achieved. A step-up transformer is a transformer used to transform a low alternating voltage into another higher alternating voltage of the same frequency. 

A step up transformer is a type of transformer with the function of increasing voltage compensation. Some people call it a step-up compensator. The step-up transformer's primary winding has fewer turns, and the secondary winding has more turns than the primary winding. 

The step-up transformer is a special isolation transformer, which is also divided into single-phase and three-phase. There are 220V, 380V, 400V, 415V, 480V 500V, 515V, 660V, 690V, 1140V, 60KV and other different voltages. Its body adopts an imported silicon steel sheet and high-quality oxygen-free copper wire. They are small-sized and of good quality. As for step-up transformer application, they can meet the needs of construction engineering lines that are too long, and the voltage cannot reach the voltage used and imported equipment and foreign voltages. It is used for undervoltage compensation on different occasions. 

Yuebian Electric Co., Ltd. can provide various types of step-up transformers to meet your different work needs. We believe that "quality comes from reality", always adhere to high standards and standardized management, continuous innovation, continuous development, the pursuit of excellence, and manufacture high-quality and high-tech products. We hope you cooperate with us!

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