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Causes of Noise of 10Kv Dry Type Electrical Transformers

Ⅰ. 10kv dry type electrical transformers

As one of the important equipments in civil buildings and industrial and mining enterprises, 10kv dry-type transformers are usually placed in the basement or high-rise of civil buildings because they have no oil, so there is no fire, pollution, explosion and other problems.

But what follows is the noise problem of dry-type power transformers. Next, we will introduce the reasons for the noise.

Ⅱ. Reasons for the noise of 10kv dry type electrical transformers

1. Iron core excitation. The iron core of the transformer is in a state of high magnetic density, which is often because the electricity consumption in large and medium-sized cities is often overloaded, and the voltage of 10kV is generally high. A loud, high-pitched sound.

2. Coil vibration. This phenomenon is mainly manifested in that the dry-type power transformer will generate magnetic leakage when the load current passes through the winding, which will cause the vibration of the winding. This noise is mainly manifested in that the noise generated by the transformer is too large and relatively low. And when the load of the transformer reaches a certain level, noise will start to appear.

3. External vibration. When the outer casing, fan and other small parts of the dry-type power transformer vibrate, noise is also generated, but it is often mistaken for the noise generated by the transformer.

4. Improper installation. If the dry-type power transformer is not installed smoothly, it will generate a large amount of vibration during its operation, which will lead to amplifying the transformer itself and surrounding factors, resulting in a lot of noise.

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