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Structure and Performance Analysis of Three-phase Three-column Amorphous Alloy Dry Type Transformer

Amorphous alloy dry type transformer is a new type of energy-saving transformer made of new magnetic conductive material (amorphous alloy). Compared with the transformer with silicon steel sheet as the core, the no-load loss is reduced by more than 70%, and the no-load current is reduced by about 80%. It is a distribution transformer with ideal energy saving effect, especially suitable for rural power grids and places with low load rates in developing regions.

Amorphous alloy materials and their dry-type transformer characteristics

The windings and clamping devices of amorphous alloy epoxy cast dry type transformers are basically the same as ordinary epoxy cast dry type transformers, but the core materials used are quite different. A new high-tech product called amorphous alloy was chosen. The amorphous alloy is a very thin magnetic material having a thickness of about 0.03 mm. It is a strip of sheet material cast from a certain proportion of alloy material using ultra-quenching technology (cooling rate 107/s) through a cooling float. Compared with cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, amorphous alloy materials have five advantages, but there are also five disadvantages. These shortcomings bring a lot of difficulties to the design and manufacture of the transformer.

The advantages of the five aspects are reflected in:

(1) It uses an isotropic soft magnetic material;
(2) The loss is very low, about 30% of the silicon steel sheet;
(3) The resistivity is about 3 times that of the silicon steel sheet;
(4) The subsequent process is convenient to process (the subsequent process can obtain the required magnetic properties);
(5) The manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

The five disadvantages are:

(1) The thickness is very thin, the surface of the material is not flat, and the core filling factor is about 0.86;
(2) The hardness is much larger than that of silicon steel sheet, which brings inconvenience to cutting and processing;
(3) It must be annealed;
(4) The material is fragile after annealing;
(5) The influence of mechanical stress on its performance is very large.

Due to the formation of the amorphous alloy strip, the cross section of the core is generally rectangular and the windings are also rectangular. There is a break in one yoke, open the break set winding, and then close the break. The core adopts a new three-phase three-column structure. Due to the advantages of flame retardant, high reliability and maintenance-free, amorphous alloy dry type transformers have broad development prospects in the power distribution market.

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