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Maintenance Methods For Mining Transformers

The use of a mining transformer needs regular maintenance, checking whether all parts are in good condition. Because the mining transformer can adapt to a relatively humid environment,  we should do regular checks whether the parts of the transformer are corroded and whether the operation is normal. The following is to introduce the maintenance method of mining transformer.

1. The first thing to do for the maintenance of a mining transformer is to do proper cleaning to ensure a good environment. There will certainly be dust and debris during long-term use, so we must tidy it up. According to the actual situation, we can decide how often it needs to do a clean-up.

2. Due to poor heat dissipation, it's essential to do maintenance of ventilation equipment and to make sure that it works properly.

3. Temperature monitoring maintenance of the mining transformer. We need to pay close attention to the thermostat at any time to see whether the temperature displayed is balanced. Once the temperature controller of the mining transformer is in bad contact, the display value of the temperature controller will be inaccurate. If an exception is found during monitoring, measures should be taken to avoid failure.

4. Drying degree of the mining transformer. If the mining transformer is installed in a relatively humid place, it is necessary to do a transformer testing whether the humidity is abnormal and whether it affects the operation of the transformer.

5. Appearance maintenance of the mining transformer. The corrosion of the parts and iron cores should be checked often. If the mining transformer is exposed to air for a long time without any treatment, it will lead to transformer loss increase, low efficiency, and a great reduction of the lifespan of the transformer.

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