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The Oil-immersed Transformer Coil May Be Deformed Due to Excessive Electric Power when the Large Sho

Oil-immersed transformer oil must be used for oil-immersed transformers, otherwise oil-immersed transformers cannot be used. Therefore, when using oil-immersed transformers, always pay attention to changes in transformer oil to avoid failures. In fact, the most common fault of oil-immersed transformers is transformer oil leakage. So what are the hazards of oil-immersed transformers?

Ⅰ. The hazards of oil leakage of oil-immersed transformers

1. After the oil-immersed transformer leaks, the oil can come out and the water can enter, which will reduce the oil level in the oil-immersed transformer. When the oil level is too low, the coil of the oil-immersed transformer will be exposed to the oil surface. The problem is that the insulating oil will be damp, and the coil of the oil-immersed transformer will be damp, which will affect the overall insulation of the oil-immersed transformer. At the same time, it will also affect the output of the oil-immersed transformer due to poor heat dissipation, and it will affect the life of the oil-immersed transformer when overheated; it will also increase the noise of the oil-immersed transformer. Submerged transformer coil deformation.

2. After the oil seeps out of the oil-immersed transformer, it will cause serious dirt around theseepage point. If this point is relatively close to the live part, especially when oil seeps into the inlet and outlet bushings of the oil-immersed transformer, it will cause the casing to leak. A layer of dirt accumulates on the pipe, which is easy to cause a "pollution flashover" accident when it iswet, that is, discharge along the outer surface of the oil-immersed transformer bushing. Replacing the oil-immersed transformer bushing is more complicated, that is, there are spare parts for the bushing. Professionals The power supply also needs to be affected.

Ⅱ. The preservation of oil-immersed transformers

When the oil-immersed transformer is in use, its scope is also continuously increasing. For the oil-immersed transformer, special attention should be paid to preservation when it is used. Only properly preserved, the performance and zero of the oil-immersed transformer components will perform better. The preservation of common oil-immersed transformers requires certain methods. How can oil-immersed transformers be better preserved?

According to the introduction of users who have been in contact with oil-immersed transformers for a long time, whether the storage environment of oil-immersed transformers is mild or not will seriously affect its performance and efficiency. When purchasing oil-immersed transformers, consult with merchants about the correct storage place of oil-immersed transformers to understand what properties and types they should belong to. For transformers, the basic guarantee is in a clean and dry room, not any place can meet the operation of oil-immersed transformers. Once the environment is relatively harsh, it will directly lead to inaccurate output data, which will seriously affect the normal operation in the future.

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