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Operation and maintenance of box substation

The box-type transformer substation integrates high and low voltage primary equipment, transformer, and secondary equipment in a double-layer, sealed, anti-corrosion, and movable outdoor box in the factory. The following points should be paid attention to its operation and maintenance: 

Ⅰ. Basic requirements for box-type transformer substation operation

1. Box type equipment should be placed in a relatively high place, but not in a low-lying place, lest rainwater enters the box and affects its operation. Leave a gap when pouring the concrete platform to facilitate the laying of cables. 

2. There must be two reliable connections between the box and the grounding grid. When the box-type substation is working, the ground wire and the neutral wire can share a grounding grid. The grounding grid is generally grounded at the four corners of the foundation and then connected to form a whole.

3. No illegal piles of materials are allowed around the box-type equipment to ensure the ventilation of electrical equipment and the operation and inspection needs. The box type transformer substation is mainly cooled by natural air circulation, and the transformer room door should not be blocked. 

4. Equipment in the high-voltage China power distribution transformer devices such as loop network switches, transformers, and lightning arresters should be inspected and maintained regularly. If defects are found, they should be repaired in time, and preventive insulation tests should be conducted periodically. When working, the mechanical interlock should be correctly released, and the insulating rod should be used for the operation.

Ⅱ. Inspection and maintenance of box-type transformer substations

According to the patrol maintenance cycle, box-type substations should be patrolled regularly (not less than once a month) to test the temperature of the cable terminal connection, check the equipment operation, and conduct tests when necessary.

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