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What Are the Components of the Combined Transformer?

Ⅰ. What is a combined transformer?

What is a combination transformer, and how does it work? The combination transformer, also known as an American box transformer, is a novel type of power distribution equipment that can be used in urban power networks for loads such as dwellings, hospitals, airports, and stations to reduce losses and increase power quality. The combined transformer should be mounted on a concrete platform that is 100 to 400 mm above ground level and strong enough to support the group transformer's weight. The combination transformer must be unpowered and inserted only before the cable is installed. So, what do the parts of a combined transformer look like?

Ⅱ. What are the components of a combined transformer?

The combination transformer was initially created in the United States by the electrical firm in question. The transformer fuse, multi-station load switch, and non-excited on-load tap-changer are all located in the transformer tank as transformer components, allowing the fuse to be readily changed or the load switch to be operated outside the tank to modify the transformer's working conditions.

The high-voltage side is fed by elbow-shaped cables that may be plugged in and out with load, and a separate low-voltage outlet bin is installed outside the tank with space for any additional protection devices or measuring instruments that may be required. There are no exposed electrically charged portions since all of the electrically charged pieces are contained within the tank. We refer to it as a combined transformer rather than a box-type substation because the major components are contained within the tank. The combination transformer, on the other hand, can also be used as a box-type substation.

Six cable connections are provided on the high-voltage side of the transformer, allowing it to be connected to a ring-grid power supply system and forming a ring-grid power supply system with a cabinet-type ring-grid box or cable branch box. As a result, the terms combination transformer, pedestal transformer, and simply American box transformer all refer to the same product, with the transformer serving as the principal component rather than the substation.

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