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Huge Potential for Energy Saving in Distribution Power Transformers

As an essential measure for energy conservation and emission reduction, many countries in the world have introduced related policies to improve distribution transformers' energy efficiency. In recent years, China has also accelerated the promotion and application of high-efficiency distribution transformers by implementing a distribution transformer energy efficiency improvement plan. 

Many transformers manufactures in China have invested a lot to introduce advanced foreign manufacturing technology and equipment and continue to develop low-loss transformers and other various transformers, such as the SCB10 series of dry-type transformers and amorphous alloy cores, which show the potential of China distribution power transformers in energy saving and emission reduction. 

To promote energy saving and emission reduction, policies have been issued worldwide to accelerate the development, promotion, and application of high-efficiency distribution transformers. And the government encourages high-efficiency distribution transformer manufacturers to establish energy-saving service companies or cooperate with them, focusing on the use of contract energy management models to carry out energy efficiency improvement projects for distribution transformers. The energy efficiency improvement plan for distribution transformers will accelerate the development and application of high-efficiency and energy-saving distribution transformers, promote the upgrading of the distribution transformer industry structure, and comprehensively improve the energy efficiency level of distribution transformers, which will significantly boost the promotion of energy-saving transformers.

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