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Application Of Single Phase Transformer

After the transformation of urban and rural power grid to a certain extent, the share of line loss will be greatly reduced, and the loss of distribution transformer will occupy the main position of network loss. Only when the loss of iron core is greatly reduced can the power loss of the power grid be further reduced. Therefore, the reel core and amorphous core single-phase transformer have great potential for development. At present, the three-phase transformer and the three-phase concentrated power supply system still dominates, and single-phase transformer and the single-phase power supply system is just the supplement. In the practical application of transformer, we should make full use of the advantages and characteristics both of three-phase transformer and single-phase transformer, and choose suitable transformer varieties according to the power load, and configure the power supply with the economic power supply radius.

At present, single-phase transformers are mainly used in residential district electricity consumption, rural lighting or small power consumption, low load density and less load point areas, as well as the residential areas and markets with serious electricity theft. Small industrial users are encouraged to use electricity from the originally integrated transformer to a specific using transformer.