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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of oil Type power transformer and Dry Type Transformer?

Transmission and distribution transformer oil type transformers are more common in our daily lives. Some power poles, roadsides, etc. have transformers for distribution. The operating conditions of these power transformers are generally relatively simple. Fully sealed oil type power transformers are placed in the open air.

The oil type power transformer is the same as the dry type transformer. It is a power transformer, and there will be a core for the magnetic circuit to make the winding of the circuit.

The biggest difference is in "oil filled" and "dry". That is to say, the cooling medium of the two is different. The former uses transformer oil (and of course other oils such as beta oil) as the cooling and insulating medium, and the latter uses air or other gases such as SF6 as the cooling medium. Oil filled transformer is to place the body consisting of iron core and winding in a fuel tank filled with transformer oil. Dry type transformer often encloses the core and windings with epoxy resin. There is also a kind of non-encapsulated type that is used nowadays. The windings are impregnated with special insulating paper with special insulating paper to prevent the windings or core from getting wet. (Because the two are derived from different categories due to different methods of process, use, and structure, we are narrowly speaking.) In terms of production and usage, the current dry type transformer's voltage rating is only 35kV. The capacity is small compared to oil filled transformer, about 2500kVA. Moreover, since the dry type transformer manufacturing process is complicated and costly with respect to the oil filled transformer of the same voltage level and the same capacity, the oil filled transformer is still much more in terms of the amount of oil. However, due to the environmental protection of dry change, flame retardant, impact resistance and so on, it is often used in indoor and other high-demand power supply and distribution sites, such as hotels, office buildings, high-rise buildings and so on. If you are just a transformer user, it should be enough to understand this.

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