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The Performance and the Characteristics of S11 Transformer

Compared with S9 transformers, S11 transformers have an average reduction in no-load losses. The low-voltage windings with a capacity of 630-2500kVA are using cylindrical or spiral structure. They have high mechanical strength, balanced ampere-turn distribution, and good short-circuit resistance. The positioning structure is added to the body so that it will not cause any displacement during transportation. At the same time, all fasteners are equipped with fastening nuts to ensure that the fasteners will not be not loose during long-term operation, which meets the requirement of not losing the core. The transformer adopts the corrugated oil tank, and the oil storage cabinet is eliminated, the tank cover and the tank edge are completely welded or fastened with bolts, which prolongs the service life of the transformer oil. The surface of the product is sprayed with base coat and finishing coat after degreasing, derusting and phosphating, which can meet the special requirements of metallurgy, petrochemical systems, and wet and dirty areas. To select components, and to use a fully sealed transformer tank, installed with pressure relief valve, signal thermometer, gas relay, and so on in accordance with standard requirements, the safe operation of the transformer can be guaranteed. This series of products is beautiful in appearance, small in size, and can reduce the installation area, which is an ideal maintenance-free and high-quality product.

The S11 transformer has beautiful appearance and low price. It is significant in energy saving, and it has advantages like uniform magnetic circuit, low no-load loss, low noise, low temperature rise, maintenance-free, high efficiency, and small size. S11 series of the distribution transformers have significant energy-saving effects and adopt new-type iron core materials. The magnetic circuit is evenly distributed, which can greatly reduce the no-load excitation current and no-load loss. Since the iron core is a full oblique three-joint structure, it has reliable operation, small size, light weight, low noise, good processability, good heat dissipation, high efficiency and low temperature rise, and no hanging core structure, no pollution to the environment, no maintenance.

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