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The Structure of Three Phase Oil Immersed Transformer

The fully oil-filled, sealed corrugated tank shell of the three-phase oil immersed transformer adapts to the expansion of the oil with its own elasticity and is a permanently sealed tank. Oil-immersed three-phase transformers are commonly utilized in power distribution equipment. The structures of three-phase oil-immersed transformers are as follows: What exactly is it?

I. The three-phase oil submerged transformer's core and bushing

The magnetic circuit of the three-phase oil submerged transformer is at its core. The core is made up of a silicon steel sheet that is coated with insulating paint or insulating oxide layer to prevent hysteresis and eddy current losses. A guide rod connects the transformer's output winding to the external circuit. The bushing acts as an insulator between the guide rod and the box cover, as well as securing the guide rod. High-voltage bushings and low-voltage bushings are the two types of bushings.

II. The three-phase oil submerged transformer's explosion-proof tubes and windings

The three-phase oil submerged transformer's cover has an explosion-proof tube attached on it. The pressure inside the tank rapidly rises in the case of a sudden transformer malfunction. The tank explosion is avoided in order to avoid accidents caused by excessive pressure. The pressure inside the box is released after the action, and the contact point receives an alert or trips.

The transformer's winding, also known as the coil, is separated into two parts: the primary winding and the secondary winding. Copper or aluminum wire is used for the winding and sub-winding, which is wrapped in high-strength insulating material. Each phase's cylindrical winding and sub-winding are mounted on the same iron core pillar in a three-phase oil submerged transformer.

Ⅲ. Three-phase oil submerged transformer's oil tank and oil storage cabinet

The core and windings of a three-phase oil immersed transformer are fitted in the oil tank, which is then filled with transformer oil. A heat sink or heat pipe is inserted outside the tank for big capacity transformers. The oil conservator, also known as the oil storage cabinet, is a cylindrical container that sits horizontally above the oil tank and is piped to the transformer tank. The oil storage cabinet takes up around 10% of the tank's volume. The oil conservator is a capsule type oil conservator, in which the oil within is sealed off from the outside air by a capsule.

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