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The Prosperous Market of Dry Amorphous Alloy Distribution Transformer

With the depletion of energy resources and the increasing pressure of environment protection, transformers, as the energy-consuming equipment in the power transmission and transformation industry, have increasingly urgent technique requirements to improve product energy efficiency. Under the premise of energy saving and emission reduction, the market prospects of dry amorphous alloy distribution transformers are unanimously promising.

It is understood that the dry amorphous alloy distribution transformer is a new type of energy-saving transformer that has emerged in recent years, whose manufacturing principle is mainly to use amorphous alloy materials instead of silicon steel sheets. Its outstanding feature is a low ferromagnetic loss, so its main feature is low no-load loss and low no-load current. Compared with the same S9 series transformer, its no-load loss is reduced by 70%-80%, with no load current by 40%-60%, and load loss by 20%-30%, so it shows excellent energy-saving effect. 

Dry amorphous alloy distribution transformers are the "pioneers" in promoting energy-saving and environment protection industries. Transformer products with apparent energy-saving effects and excellent economic benefits can effectively reduce their losses when applied in the distribution network. Products that meet the requirements of industrial policies and power grid energy saving and consumption reduction are expected to become the leading products in the future. If dry amorphous alloy distribution transformer can completely replace the new S9 series distribution transformers, assuming that the annual demand for 10kV distribution transformers is calculated at 50 million kVA, then more than 10 billion kW/h of electricity can be saved a year. It will bring considerable economic and environmental benefits.

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