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Transformer Maintenance Guide

  • Check the cleanliness of the casing and magnetic road, and clean up in time to keep them clean and prevent flashover.
  • When the cooling device is running, make sure that the butterfly valve in the inlet and outlet of the cooler is open and the radiators are open with entrance clean. The steering of the submersible pump and the running condition (no abnormal sound and obvious vibration) should also be checked as well as the operation of fans. Make sure that the automatic power switch of cooler control box is well closed with no vibration and abnormal voices; and the cooler doesn't leak oil.
  • Ensure that electrical connections are tight and reliable.
  • Check the tap-charger regularly and check the fastening, burns, scars, rotation flexibility and connecting positions of the contact.
  • The coil, casing and lightning arrester should be tested every 3 years.
  • The reliability of the lightning arrester is checked every year. The grounding of the arrester must be reliable, with the lead as short as possible. The ground resistance should be detected in dry seasons, which can not exceed 5 Omega.
  • Replace the desiccant of respirators and oil used in the oil bath.
  • Test fire facilities regularly and record the their maintenance and performances in detail.