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How Much Do You Know about the Structure of Box-type Transformer Substation

The box-type transformer substation structure is mainly divided into three types: high-voltage switchgear, transformer, and low-voltage power distribution device.

According to the system's needs, the high voltage switch can choose sulfur hexafluoride or vacuum circuit breaker, a loop network switch, load switch, and fuse. A metering device can also be installed on the high-pressure side. The low-voltage side is generally installed with the main switch and branch feeder switch and only a feeder switch. It will feed power directly to low-voltage end users. Besides, compensation capacitors, metering devices, and other devices can also be installed. Distribution transformers generally attach oil-transformers or dry-type transformers.

1. European-style box substation structure

The European high-voltage chamber of box substation is generally composed of high-voltage load switches, high-voltage fuses, and lightning arresters. It can perform the power-off operation and implement overload and short-circuit protection. The low-voltage chamber is composed of a low-voltage air switch, current transformer, ammeter, voltmeter, and other devices. There are two ways to form the box: lined up arrangement and triangle arrangement. The lined-up arrangement's high-voltage chamber and low-voltage chamber are relatively wide, which is convenient to realize the loop network power supply scheme of the loop network or dual power connection.

2. American-style box substation structure

The structure of the American box-type combined transformer is divided into front and rear parts. The front part is a wiring cabinet. The wiring cabinet includes high and low voltage terminals, high voltage load switches, plug-in fuses, high voltage tap switch operating handles, oil level gauges, oil temperature gauges, and other devices. The rear part is the fuel tank, and the heat sink, the transformer winding, iron core, high voltage load switch, and plug-in fuse are all in the fuel tank. The box adopts a fully sealed structure.

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