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Transformer Maintenance

  • High Voltage Transformer MaintenanceHigh Voltage Transformer MaintenanceDecember 13, 20171) High voltage maintenance personnel must be licensed. Those who without a license has no right to operate.2) When the power outages are required, the authorities should report to the competent depar...view
  • Electrical Transformer MaintenanceElectrical Transformer MaintenanceDecember 13, 2017It is a fundamental requirement for transformer professionals to understand its working principles and the internal structure of the transformer itself. Before the repair work, the staff must be prepa...view
  • Maintenance Of Distribution TransformerMaintenance Of Distribution TransformerDecember 13, 2017Check the temperature of the transformer: See whether the upper oil temperature of the transformer is normal or near or over the maximum allowable limit from the thermometer. When there is a significa...view
  • Substation MaintenanceSubstation MaintenanceDecember 13, 2017Check whether the flameproof surfaces are in good condition and carry out explosion-proof treatment.Check whether the line plug is complete, no damage or crack, otherwise change it.Check whether the l...view
  • Dry Type Transformer MaintenanceDry Type Transformer MaintenanceDecember 13, 2017Inspect whether the installation of transformer is complete, crooked, and whether there is any local deformation or vibration.Inspect whether the transformer shell is complete ans the tightness of con...view
  • Oil Filled Transformer MaintenanceOil Filled Transformer MaintenanceDecember 13, 2017Overhaul projects:Removal of the hanging core or hanging cover for each accessory.Maintenance of winding, lead devices and other equipment.Maintenance of tap chargers.Overhaul of iron core, core pierc...view
  • How To Maintenance Of TransformerHow To Maintenance Of TransformerDecember 13, 2017Make the standby transformer put into operation, and disconnect the low-voltage side circuit breaker of the overhauled box transformer, remove the operation insurance of the control power, and suspend...view
  • Transformer Maintenance GuideTransformer Maintenance GuideDecember 13, 2017Check the cleanliness of the casing and magnetic road, and clean up in time to keep them clean and prevent flashover.When the cooling device is running, make sure that the butterfly valve in the inlet...view