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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to when the Oil-immersed Transformer is Put into Operation?

Transformers are used in almost all electronic products. Its principle is simple, but the winding process of transformers will have different requirements according to different applications (different uses). The main functions of the transformer are: voltage transformation; impedance transformation; isolation; voltage regulation (magnetic saturation transformer).

Ⅰ. Understand the oil-immersed transformer

What is oil immersed transformer? Transformers oil immersed can be used for grounding and multipoint grounding. In fact, if the transformers oil immersed is grounded more, a current circuit will be generated, which will lead to the failure of the iron core, local heating, oil decomposition of the transformer, and deformation of the silicon steel core, making it difficult for the oil-immersed transformer to work normally.

2. Problems that should be paid attention to when the oil-immersed transformer is put into operation

The iron core of the oil-immersed transformer is grounded a lot. There are two processing methods, one is out-of-the-box inspection. Using this simple and straightforward method, remove the cover connection location of the oil immersed transformer. At the same time, confirm the use status of the insulating board paper, find out the influence on the normal use in time, and exchange it. Another method is to connect a DC current pulse and use the heating effect of the DC current to burn most of the core ground point. Usually, after 4 to 5 times the DC current surge, the redundant contact point problem can be solved.

The moisture of the transformer oil immersed type may be the reason the internal water leakage of the oil-immersed transformer and the external water pipes and parts enter the oil tank and insulating oil. The insulation of oil-immersed transformers is affected by moisture, which affects the safe operation of oil-immersed transformers. There are many reasons for oil leakage of oil-immersed transformers, and different forms of welding treatment are required for oil leakage caused by the reasons. Cracks on flat surfaces can be handled directly by welding. Cracks on different planes should be welded with iron plates according to the shape of the main shaft to prevent oil leakage in the future. Different oil spill areas require different treatment methods. The tank must be welded directly to the flat area after a leak. Corner cracks need to find the hole location first, and then carry out special welding.

Fillet welds should take into account the internal stress parameters of the corner to avoid leakage beyond the internal stress limit. The oil leakage of the low-pressure side sleeve should be eliminated first, eliminating the situation that the guide is too short and the busbar is overstretched, and adjusting the length of the guide and busbar expansion and contraction can solve the usual failure problems. When the oil leaks from the explosion-proof pipe, if the internal pressure of the oil immersed power transformer is too high, the oil tank will rupture, and the explosion-proof pipe must be removed and the pressure valve and other devices must be installed.

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