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Brief Introduction of Mining Power Transformer

Mining power transformer is a complete set of movable power supply and transformation device. Used fot the mine that mix methane gas and coal dust and other mine that have explosion risk.

Used to change the size of the ac voltage, it is suitable for methane gas mixture and coal dust and other explosion risk in the mine. The 6KV and 10KV power supplies are converted into the low-voltage power supplies required by 400 (380), 693 (660), 1200 (1140) and 3450 (3300) V coal mines. The shell of Mining power transformer is full corrugation, both sides of the open cover and open cover on the structure, with high mechanical strength, low temperature rise, good heat dissipation effect and other advantages. The core is made of high quality silicon steel with low loss, low no-load loss, low no-load current and low noise. H class insulation materials and advanced insulation structure, good thermal stability, can continue to operate at full load at high temperature.

The general type transformer

Used for in the places where there is coal dust and biogas but no explosion danger, for electric power driving and lighting. The transformer is oil immersed transformer. Its internal structure and working principle are the same as common oil-immersed power transformer. The main difference is the housing and the inlet and outlet device.

The general transformer used in mine has strong structure and low profile. There is no oil storage tank on the upper part of the mining transformer, and there is appropriate space on the oil surface of the oil tank to prevent excessive pressure in the oil tank when the vent hole on the box cover is blocked. The tank is mechanically strong enough to withstand pressure of 0.1 mpa without permanent deformation. The high and low voltage incoming and outgoing lines of mining power transformers are all made of cable junction boxes, which are filled with insulating glue.

The capacity of mine general type transformer has 50, 100, 180, 320 kva to wait a few kinds. The voltage regulation without excitation is provided on the original side of the transformer, and the voltage regulation range is 5%; Secondary side coil leads to 6 terminals, Y/ delta connection, get 690/400 volts or 1200/690 volts.

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