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Transformer Connection

  • Step Down Transformer ConnectionStep Down Transformer ConnectionDecember 13, 2017Step down transformer is transferring the higher voltage of input end to lower ideal voltage so that the voltage can be stepped down.Frequency characteristic: low-frequency; phase number of power supp...view
  • Step Up Transformer ConnectionStep Up Transformer ConnectionDecember 13, 2017The step up transformer is the instantaneous start of the voltage transformer, and the set up transformer can start up with a high pressure well. The difference is that the non-excitation regulating ...view
  • Single Phase Transformer ConnectionsSingle Phase Transformer ConnectionsDecember 13, 2017The single phase transformer refers to the transformer with its primary and secondary winding being single phase winding. Unipolar switching power supply refers to the monopole output, that is, only p...view
  • Three Phase Transformer ConnectionsThree Phase Transformer ConnectionsDecember 13, 2017In order to show the phase relation of the coils voltage on both sides , the connection mode of the three-phase transformer is divided into several groups which are called the connection group. Among ...view
  • High Voltage Transformer ConnectionsHigh Voltage Transformer ConnectionsDecember 13, 2017view
  • Pole Mounted Transformer ConnectionsPole Mounted Transformer ConnectionsDecember 13, 2017When Installing this transformer, remember the transformer should be at least 3M higher than the ground. Besides, the distance between the drop fuse and the ground should be over 4.5M, and the arreste...view
  • Utility Transformer ConnectionsUtility Transformer ConnectionsDecember 13, 2017The transformer can be directly thrown into the transformer room by the car crane, or seting up a temporary track with the daewood, use a three-step and suspension chain to carry the transformer to th...view
  • Voltage Transformer ConnectionsVoltage Transformer ConnectionsDecember 13, 2017There are many connective modes of voltage transformer, which are common in the following ways: A single- phase voltage transformer is used to measure the connective mode of a certain relative voltage...view
  • Overhead Transformer ConnectionsOverhead Transformer ConnectionsDecember 13, 20171. The distance between the wire of distributing line and pole or framework: at least 0.3m per 10kV and 0.1m per 0.4kV.2. The net distance between lead wire, downlead in each phase and the lead wire o...view
  • Electrical Transformer ConnectionElectrical Transformer ConnectionDecember 13, 20171. The distance between the outer wall of the 10 kV and the following transformer and the surrounding fence or wall should consider the convenience of transformer transportation and maintenance, and t...view
  • Power Transformer ConnectionPower Transformer ConnectionDecember 13, 2017The two terminals are connected to the socket of 220-volt power supply. The three lines are the output of the buck. The middle line and the two sides of the line are the same voltage. If the output of...view
  • Distribution Transformer ConnectionsDistribution Transformer ConnectionsDecember 12, 2017The general connection is: The transformers are directly connected with distribution cabinets. The high-voltage sides of transformers are inlet by high-voltage cables, while the low-voltage sides of t...view