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The Basic Difference between the Power Transformer and Distribution Transformer

Along with this, the designing efficiency and the designing of the core, the types of losses occurring in the transformer, their operating conditions, and various applications are also important parameters.

The difference between the two transformers is given below:

Type of network It is used in transmission network of higher voltages It is used in the distribution network for lower voltages.
Availability of ratings 400 kV, 200 kV, 110 kV , 66 kV, 33 kV. 11 Kv, 6.6 Kv, 3.3 Kv, 440 V,230 V
Maximum rating of usage Power transformers are used for rating above 200 MVA Distribution transformers are used for rating less than 200 MVA
Size Larger in size as compared of distribution transformers Smaller in size
Designed Efficiency Designed for maximum efficiency of 100% Designed for 50-70% efficiency
Efficiency formula Efficiency is measured as the ratio of output to the input power Here All Day Efficiency is considered. It is the ratio of output in kilowatt hour (kWh) or watt hour (Wh) to the input in kWh or Wh of a transformer over 24 hours.
Application Used in generating stations and transmission substations Used in distribution stations, also for industrial and domestic purposes
Losses Copper and iron losses take place throughout the day Iron losses take place for 24 hours and copper losses are based on load cycle
Load fluctuation In power transformer the load fluctuations are very less Load fluctuations are very high
Operating condition Always operated at full load Operated at load less than full load as load cycle fluctuates
Considering time It is independent of time It is time dependent
Flux density In power transformer flux density is higher As compared to power transformer the flux density is lower in distribution transformer
Designing of the core Designed to utilize the core for maximum and will operate near to the saturation point of the B-H curve, which helps to bring down the mass of core As compared to power transformer the flux density is lower in distribution transformer
Usage Used to step up and step down voltages Used as an end user connectivity

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