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Frequently Asked Questions about Dry Type Transformer

Q: What is the difference between dry type and oil type transformer?

A: As the cooling medium, dry type transformer uses air whereas the oil type uses oil

Q: How do you test a dry-type transformer?

A: The transformer testing can be done by measuring the resistance of winding, voltage ratio, phase displacement, load loss, etc.

Q: Which oil is filled in a transformer?

A: Insulating oils are filled due to high insulating properties.

Q: Why is the oil used in a transformer?

A: Transformer oil is used for protecting the core & winding of the transformer because they are completely immersed within the oil.

Q: What is DGPT in a transformer?

A: DGPT is the detection of gas, pressure & temperature for the transformers.
Thus, this is all about an overview of dry type transformer. Compare with other transformers, these are best due to these reasons like size, insulation, risk of fire, maintenance, and cost of installation. Here is a question for you, what are the features of this transformer?